Terms & Conditions

Site Use and Access 

1.1 Customers should only access our Site in a manner that complies with recognized laws and regulations, together with these Terms and Conditions, as defined. 

1.2 On no account should you attempt any of the following: 

(a) to hinder (or try any hindering tactic) or disturb (or try to disturb) any of the servers and networks that maintain the Site, or indeed the Site itself;
(b) to incorporate (or try to incorporate) any type of data gathering or extractions software within your use of the Site, including any robots, screen shaping, or data mining tools; or
(c) restrict (or try to restrict) any of the Site’s security-related aspects or, indeed, any other features that affect its functions.

1.3 In order to submit your Orders or use any of the Site’s functions, a personal Account needs to be registered. 

For this you are required to:
(a) provide correct and up to date personal data, such as your name, address, and email address for contact 

(b) be older than 18 years of age, which is required for agreeing to an agreement that is legally binding. 

1.4 The accountability for any use of your Account is your own (meaning every Order you happen to place), as is the confidentiality of your Account password, which only you will know unless you purposely give it to someone else. In the event that you fail to adhere to these stipulations, our company cannot be held to blame for any activity carried out due to a failure to keep your personal details to yourself. Plus, if we detect any criminal or fraudulent actions or purposes then the authorities may be alerted.

1.5 Accessing to another individual’s account must only be gained with their express permission and knowledge. In the event that a customer becomes aware of another party using their Account without such permission, then they should inform us as soon as possible, as well as taking any steps they can to ensure their Account is made safe. Ideally, this should involve a password change. 

1.6 We cannot guarantee that our Site can be accessed permanently and without any kind of maintenance or other disruptions causing issues, while third-party content that has been incorporated into our Site’s actions is also beyond our remit if they happen to show errors.

1.7 Customers are not permitted to make links to any of our Site’s pages in a manner that seeks to damage our Company Name or is otherwise unethical, which includes but is not limited to the following:
(a) in any context from which it can be interpreted that you are in some way connected to our operations, or have received some kind of support or validation from us; or
(b) in any sense that blurs illegality or ethics. 

2. Site Information

2.1 The Site and its materials all come under relevant copyright laws, intellectual property rights, and official trademarks, which are licensed to and owned by the company.  

2.2 You are not permitted to republish, copy, transmit, communicate, adapt, distribute, modify or make money from any of the website’s content, unless written approval has been confirmed, with the exception of anything permitted by statute. 

2.3 As a result of the photographic and screen limitations connected with how particular items are marketed, there will be examples that vary in some ways from items depicted on the Site, which is likely to be especially true in terms of colour, and particularly for clothes, shoes, and other items of apparel. 

3. Contract Order and Formation

3.1 At the time of confirming an Order with us, you will need to adhere to the guidance available throughout the order process, which will include any options for amending details before the Order is finally complete. 

All Orders have to be paid in full to be confirmed, via one of the payment options made available for your choice. The ability and authorization to use particular payments are not our responsibility. Needless to say, therefore, there must be enough credit available to pay for the Order in full. 

3.3 In the event that you have made an error with your Order after paying for it, the best approach is to email [email protected] as soon as possible. 

3.4 At the time of making your Order, a Confirmation of Order will be sent to the email address you have provided. Please note that the email correspondence is only to acknowledge rather than to confirm your order is being processed. It is only once an email confirming shipment has been sent that an agreement between us can be considered as in place. Only once a firm acceptance has been confirmed are we required to send you the product and we reserve the right to refuse the order for a range of reasons. If we judge ourselves to be unable to fulfill your order, you will be notified via email. In this case, we will return any payment if one has been made at this time, and also if you happen to cancel the order before a firm acceptance.

4. Delivery

4.1 The commitment is to deliver your order according to the address provided and before the estimated time we’ve provided has transpired, however, no precise delivery date is promised. 

4.2 Our aim is to keep you informed as soon as possible in the event that we may be falling short of the estimated date although, as per legal stipulations, this does not mean we have to recover any losses to our customers, or any further complications, charges, liabilities, or damages caused by missing the estimated delivery. 

4.3 At the time of placing your Order, you have the option to grant a ‘permission to leave.’ This allows a delivery driver to leave a parcel outside your door, or else in an accessible place of your choosing. However, this means there will be no delivery signature and also that the item is left there at your own risk. In such cases, our Company and also the courier who leaves the parcel is free from all responsibility for subsequent damage, theft, or other complications that might occur. 

4.4 Customers need to make sure they are well-placed to accept delivery without significant complication and at a convenient time we have specified. When there is no one present to accept delivery, it is likely that the courier will leave information allowing you to either collect the parcel or else arrange for another delivery. In cases where customers are judged to be unreasonable in accepting parcels (e.g. by remaining unavailable for two weeks after the first delivery attempt) then two courses of potential lay open to us without harming any right or obligation as set out in our terms and conditions: 1) this means that an applicable storage fee will have to be paid, along with any other costs judged to be reasonable; 2) or else we may confirm a contract cancelation, refund the money, and have the product returned to us. In the latter case, your method of payment will be refunded – although any reasonable costs judged to be incurred due to your failure to accept delivery may be substituted from the initial payment amount (such as for storing the item and for attempted redeliveries). 

4.5 Unfortunately, it is possible that there are some locations we will be unable to deliver to. In such circumstances, customers will be informed after they have requested an Order, before ascertaining whether another location will be possible for delivery or if a cancelation and refund will instead be processed. 

4.6 Accept when agreed beforehand, all risks concerning the ordered item will pass to the customer upon delivery. In the case of delay, such liability will transfer at the time the delivery is successfully made. Once this is confirmed, our Company cannot be held to account for any damage or missing product. 

4.7 Once you have the delivery the responsibility to look after it passes to you, including when opening the parcel and contents.

5. Cancellation

5.1 We reserve the right to end a Contract whenever an item turns out to be unavailable. Any payments will be refunded in this case and the customer kept informed. Typically, the refunds will be processed via the payment method the customer selected upon making the order. 

5.2 In the event that a customer wishes to cancel an order, our team should be informed within the first 12 hours after ordering: shop@mylino.eu. So long as these timescales are met, no charges will be incurred. Once processing is complete, however, customers must refer to the Returns Policy if they no longer want the product. 

6. No part of our Terms and Conditions contradicts or restrictsyour recognized consumer rights, nor our liability for any complications that relevant rights and laws do not exclude. 

7. The only firm requirementplaced upon us in fulfilling our Terms and Conditions is to perform our criteria with as much accuracy and care that we are able.

8. Regarding whether a product meets the intentions that a customer has purchased it for, this is left to the customer’s personal judgment and so we cannot be held liable for any shortcomings. We do not make any guarantee that bespoke usage will be fulfilled. When ordering, therefore, you agree to our products being made to suit the purposes set out and nothing further.

9. Should any disagreement occur with reference to these Terms and Conditions then all parties are required to communicate positively and amenably in the pursuit of a solution. If any such disagreement cannot be resolved in thismanner,then the Estonian court is the next port of call for determining what the result should be, with both parties then subject to their judgment.

10. In cases where our operations have been restricted or held back from being performed fully, we cannot be heldresponsible for any kind of resulting contradiction with our Terms and Conditions. For example, any negative consequences that result from rare occurrences outside of our sphere of influence, such as freak or extreme weather, worker strikes and disputes, acts of God, civil unrest, war, malicious or fraudulent activities, errors in telecommunications or IT, accident, or unlawfulbehavior. 

11. Any relationships we form in a non-contractual context, as well as these Terms and Conditions, shall proceed abiding by the law of Estonia, for which both parties need to acquiesce to the jurisdiction of Estonian courts.

12. Amendments to Terms and Conditions: We maintain permission to adjust our Terms and Conditions for any reasons we judge to be sound. In doing so, we will look to be as transparent as possible in making the details available online, meaning that customers who continue to use our services do so in acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions version.

13. The copy right of this website and its contents is owned by Stefani Tööstus Ltd. Register code: 10586633 (“MyLino”). MyLino cannot confirm any intellectual property rights for MyLino.eu, any of its features, contents, or interface. Plus, we do not permit the use of any trademark that may be displayed within its pages.