Free Worldwide Delivery 

Our services reach more than 150 countries in total, including a Delivery option that requires no charge for any orders exceeding €50. 

Order processing and delivery time 

Order processing – the majority of the products we deliver are stored in our warehouse, allowing us to offer a turnaround of between 3 and 5 days. To confirm such availability, please check the product status upon purchase. 

Orders received on weekends, Friday afternoons, or on any National Holidays, will take longer according to when the next business day falls. In addition, extended holidays will also mean possible delays, including Christmas and Easter. Again, customers can expect the 3–5 day estimate to begin on the next business day. 

Delivery. Current turnaround times for Europe are estimated at 7 to 15 days. Whereas times for outside of Europe are estimated at 12-21 days. 

Where will my order ship from? 

MyLino has depot in Estonia, and all shipping will be established from here. 

Orders outside the EU incur international taxes 

The addition of customs and import duties tend to occur at the point of delivery, at which time the recipient will be required to pay. As far as such costs as concerned, as the provider, we do not have any influence over them so it would be wrong to predict how much our customers in these regions will have to pay. Costs will vary as far as each country is concerned, but customs offices may prove a reliable source of information for those who want to be prepared. Furthermore, if you wish to contact us for any advice then we welcome you to send us an email.